What are the benefits?

  Save time & money on staffing

+ pay only for the time spent actually working for you, not for coffee breaks, sick days, vacations, or staff waiting to be given their next assignment

+ no office space, equipment, or expensive software needed for employees

+ no employee benefits, insurance, or goverment contributions to be paid, or administrators needed for those payments and programs

+ no need to post ads, screen resumes, or conduct interviews (if you can even find quality workers in the current job market)

+ no expenses or downtime training new staff

+ no distracting office politics or staff personality conflicts

+ no legal hassles terminating employee positions


  Get executive quality service, quickly and conveniently

+  all the qualifications and equipment to get the job done, and the ability to evaluate your needs and get started almost immediately

+  access to professional office assistance when you need it - we're just an email away

+  current technology, software and skills, at no extra expense to you

+  professional image without the professional payroll cost

+  a fresh perspective and sounding board for marketing and other ideas

+  collective information and experience from a network of professionals and their contacts


  Gain time and space to breathe and think

+  more time to focus on important tasks and do what you do best

+  more time to network and build revenue

+  more time for creativity and business strategies

+  more time for your personal life, and the people and things you love