"Heather Uhl is an integral and indispensable part of our business. I recommend her with full confidence that there is no goal that she cannot help you to reach."

Trooper, Juno award-winning recording artists

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    You can wake up to a daily itinerary of travel and venue information, personalized notes, and reminders. Easily track attendance and contract history, with full reports to help you plan future projects and performances.

    Artist Assistance

    Creative muses can be elusive. Worrying about bookings, itineraries, onsite production, your web site, or your car insurance lapsing while you're on tour, can interfere with the creative process.

    At More Time in a Day, we work closely with our clients to help you make a lasting and professional impression, catch problems before they happen, and organize the chaos that is the life - and business - of performing artists and other public figures. We understand the unique challenges that you face at home and on the road.


    Sample services:

    • creating, maintaining, and nurturing a strong online presence (official site, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, blogs, etc)
    • advancing performances
    • creating itineraries, reports, and summaries
    • managing business mail, fan mail, and web site enquiries
    • researching venue and press opportunities
    • processing copyright and licensing requests and documentation
    • coordinating and scheduling media, dispensing promotional materials
    • preparing professional quality letters, documents, and proposals
    • managing online merchandise sales and inventory
    • coordinating communication and information between team members (e.g. agents, crew, publicists, managers)

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