"Leaving the details of the business side of what I do to Heather has freed up more time with my family - and my writing and music - and helped me enjoy a calmer and happier life."

R.McGuire - author, songwriter

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    Personal Assistance

    Time is valuable for everyone, and personal time too often gets the short shift. Fortunately, assistant and concierge services aren't just for CEOs and celebrities any more.

    If you feel like you're being pulled in countless different directions and there's never enough hours to do everything, More Time in a Day could be the solution. We can lighten the load and help you get organized, so you can relax knowing that loose ends are tied up, details aren't forgotten, and things are getting done. Improve your health, your mood, your relationships, and even your finances by outsourcing to professionals who have the equipment and skills to do tasks quickly and efficiently. You'll find you have more time in a day for the people and things you care about most.


    Sample services:

    • maintaining a custom list of important dates, sending reminders
    • managing your calendar of business and personal appointments, children's activities, volunteer commitments
    • personal shopping, finding unique gifts for family, friends or staff
    • locating hard-to-find collectibles
    • travel and event planning
    • researching products and services, providing quotes, comparisons, and reviews
    • buying / selling items for you through online auctions
    • typing college papers or formal letters
    • restoring or editing photos
    • distributing change of address notices
    • researching daycares, day homes, seniors' facilities, scheduling walk-throughs

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