This time, like all times, is a very good one, if we but know what to do with it.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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    Sample Scenarios

    In addition to this summary of the many services we provide, we offer the following examples to illustrate the exciting scope and almost limitless possibilities of Virtual Assistance, and help spark ideas of how your own unique business or personal needs may benefit from More Time in a Day:

      An email is sent to a sales rep as he wakes up in his hotel room. We tell him the lowest fuel prices along the day's route, the highest reviewed restaurants for his tastes, remind him that the third client on his schedule recently got married, and list special events currently happening in the area.

      We proofread and type a term paper in the requested APA or MLA format for a busy college student with a full calendar and slow keyboard skills.

      The handwritten notes of a rancher are scanned and emailed to us, and the livestock data for breeding, birth weights, vaccinations, weanings, etc., are entered into a custom database that provides full and detailed history for each animal.

      An author in Hawaii dictates and sends an audio file listing details to be researched and fact checked. Before she's finished writing the chapter, we fax a report back confirming that her protagonist could conceivably gaze up at a commemorative statue outside the art gallery in Madrid, and walk to meet a lover at the open air book market nearby.

      Neighborhood fitness centers are researched for a busy working mother, a comparison chart of equipment, rates, and nearby child care is prepared, and introductory visits to each are scheduled.

      After posting new show dates on his web site, answering his fan mail, and updating his contact sheets, we send a summary of local cultural references, sports rivalries, and current news headlines to a stand-up comedian for each city on his upcoming tour.

      A large and geographically scattered family wants to have a reunion but no one has the time to organize it. We track down addresses, collect preferences and votes, book facilities, research travel discounts, send invitations and updates, and arrange all the details.