What is a Virtual Assistant vs. Administrator?

A Virtual Assistant (or VA) is an independent contractor who specializes in providing professional support services to local and global clients from an off-site location.

A Virtual Administrator is a veteran VA who not only assists with individual tasks, but who may also completely take care of some aspects of your business for you, needing little or no direction and yet still keeping you in the loop on work that gets done without your supervision. A Virtual Administrator has also accumulated enough experience and savvy to be a valuable sounding board and adviser. Another title you may see being used for this level of experience is "Administrative Consultant".

Unlike employees or temp workers, Virtual Assistants and Administrators are business owners, experienced and intuitive in identifying needs and managing the challenges of both business and personal responsibilities.

Virtual Assistants and Administrators work with clients in an ongoing, collaborative relationship, using their own offices and advanced technology to deliver their expertise in a manner that saves you time, money, and frustration.

    Our success and satisfaction is directly related to YOUR success and satisfaction!

- providers of time and money saving benefits

- an effective solution to the growing labour shortage

- highly skilled professionals working with a vested interest in your success